UPVC Doors & Windows

UPVC doors & windows offered by our company apart from creating beautiful aesthetic, provide versatility and practicality. By installing these doors and windows in the living room, bedroom, kids room or any other room or faade of your building structure create a protective barrier to sound and weather. Set aside fixed window, other windows in this range can be opened with a gentle push or slide. Unlike traditional door, sliding UPVC doors & windows take lesser space. With UPVC frame and glass installed in between, these doors and windows allow maximum natural light into the space. 

UPVC Sliding Windows

UPVC Sliding Window is widely used in hospitals, hotels, homes, offices, etc. It is moisture and corrosion proof. It  enables endless interior decoration possibilities from the most traditional to the most modern. This offered window needs little maintenance. It has a property of scratch resistance. It is available in different colors, structure, pattern with flawless finish. UPVC Sliding Window is made with premium quality materials with advanced technologies. Moreover, it is environment friendly,light weighted and gives long lasting service.

UPVC Slide & Fold Door

Our uPVC Slide And Fold Door offers generous and barrier free access to conference rooms, terrace, buildings, offices and wherever needed. This offered door enhances the overall appearance elegantly. This door comes with inward and outward opening option. This new generation door can open from wall to wall for maximum opening to outside and when closed it is extremely secured and insulated. UPVC Slide And Fold Door  come across as a beautiful wall of door panels. It can be bought at pocket friendly prices.      

UPVC Sliding Window

UPVC sliding window in the offering, as the name suggests, is a window with panels which slide left or right. Unlike the traditional window styles, sliding window is easier and faster to open as well as takes lesser space. This window due to its design is suitable for kitchens or rooms facing walkways or patios in contemporary style homes. It has double slider, that let open both panels. This UPVC sliding window apart from giving an access of a spectacular view outside, also is great for air circulation.

UPVC Sliding Door

UPVC, a hard plastic, is primary material in which windows and doors are built. It is resistant to weather conditions, corrosion, and mould. You can add a touch of class to your space by installing UPVC sliding door. Its sliding design and white frame fits into any colour scheme or interior design. Despite the weather pressure, this door maintains its original structure. The UV-resistant coating also protects its frame from fading and withering from prolonged sun exposure. Installed mainly for scenic view, the sliding door also serves the purpose of ventilation. 

UPVC Fixed Window

A high strength design is chosen for making this UPVC fixed window. As the very name implies, it cannot be opened. Mainly installed to beautify faade, this window with a slim-profile frame also gives maximum view of the road or backyard. Compared to other types, this window type is the strongest and lasts the longest. Even the changing weather conditions do not affect it. The buyers are free to select the kind of glass for this window, from transparent to obscure and tinted options. The frame of this window is available in wooden finish.